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Reliable Generator Installation & Maintenance in The Woodlands, TX

Are you interested in getting the peace of mind generators provide? Do you have an existing backup system that you want to keep in excellent shape? Make Murphy’s Electric your first call! We are proud to be your go-to for all things to do with residential and commercial generator installation and maintenance. We work hard to deliver quality results so that the communities we serve in The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, and the surrounding areas can be safe and energy secure. At Murphy’s Electric, our neighbors are our why! 

Call (346) 550-8604 or contact us online for generator services in The Woodlands. Financing is available. 

Why Install a Generator?

Even with improvements to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas’s (ERCOT) ability to manage higher electrical demand during sudden winter freezes and high-use periods in the summer, many Texans remain wary of grid issues. As a result, residential and commercial property owners alike are installing generator systems. 

The primary benefit of a generator is having power during electrical outages and shortages. A generator ensures that essential appliances, security systems, and medical equipment can continue to operate, offering peace of mind. 

Generators can also:

  • Protect food and supplies. Perishable food and supplies can go bad during outages. With a generator, individuals can keep refrigerators, freezers, and other essential equipment running, preserving food and avoiding unnecessary and costly waste. 
  • Maintain Comfort & Safety During Outages. Many generators can support heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, providing comfort during extreme weather. They can also allow homes and businesses to continue to use other essential appliances like water pumps, lighting, and communication devices. 
  • Ensure Business Continuity. For businesses in Texas, a generator is vital for maintaining operations during power outages or shortages. It enables businesses to continue serving customers and sustain operations, which can prevent losses due to downtime. 

Choosing the Right Generator for Your Needs in The Woodlands

The market has various types of generators, each with different capacities and features that can support the needs of residential and commercial properties. 

Below we have detailed some of the most common types and what they offer:

  • Portable Generators: Versatile Power Solutions. Portable generators are versatile and easy to move around. They run on gasoline, propane, or diesel fuel and provide temporary power during outages. These generators work for residential purposes, outdoor activities, or small businesses.
  • Inverter Generators: Compact & Efficient Energy. Inverter generators are compact, quiet, and fuel-efficient. They produce clean and stable electricity by converting the generated AC power into DC power and then back to AC power. Inverter generators are ideal for recreational activities, camping, or as a backup energy source for small appliances. 
  • Standby Generators: Automatic Backup Power. These permanent backup systems automatically detect outages and switch on to deliver power. Standby generators are available in different sizes and can support essential circuits or an entire building. 
  • Commercial Generators: Large-Scale Energy Solutions. Commercial generators provide power for larger buildings or facilities, such as hospitals, data centers, factories, and warehouses. These generators come in a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate a facility’s specific energy demands. 

What are the Signs You Need Generator Repair?

Generator repair may be necessary when you notice signs of malfunction or deterioration in your generator system. Regular maintenance can help prevent many of these issues, but if you observe any of the following signs, it's time to consider generator repair:

  • Power Issues: Signs Your Generator Needs Attention: If your generator is not providing the expected power output, it may indicate a problem with the engine, fuel system, or electrical components.
  • Unusual Noises or Vibrations: Potential Mechanical Concerns: Unusual noises or excessive vibration can be a sign of mechanical issues, loose parts, or worn-out components.
  • Exhaust Problems: Identifying Fuel System or Engine Issues: Excessive smoke, unusual exhaust odors, or visible exhaust emissions can indicate issues with the fuel system or engine, and these should not be ignored.
  • Starting Difficulties: Battery and Starter Motor Checks: Difficulty in starting the generator or complete failure to start can be due to battery problems, starter motor issues, or fuel system problems.
  • Overheating: Cooling System Malfunctions: Generators can overheat due to issues with cooling systems, such as a malfunctioning radiator, fan, or coolant circulation.
  • Frequent Shutdowns: Investigating Electrical Problems: Frequent and unexplained shutdowns can be a sign of various issues, including overheating, low oil levels, or electrical problems.
  • Warning Lights or Alarms: Heed Generator Warnings: Most modern generators have warning lights or alarms to indicate issues. Pay attention to these warnings and investigate their causes.
  • Fuel and Oil Leaks: Addressing Safety and Operational Risks: Any visible fuel leaks or a strong smell of fuel around the generator should be taken seriously, as it poses both safety and operational risks.
  • Electrical System Concerns: Ensuring Consistent Power Output: Problems with the electrical system, such as inconsistent power output, voltage fluctuations, or circuit breakers frequently tripping, may require repair.
  • Fuel Quality and Consumption: Maintaining Generator Efficiency: Poor-quality fuel or fuel contaminated with water can damage the generator and its components. Regular fuel quality checks are essential.
  • Rust or Corrosion: Preventing Underlying Damage: Rust or corrosion on the generator's exterior or critical components may signal underlying issues that need attention.
  • Decreased Efficiency: Diagnosing Performance Issues: If the generator is not performing as efficiently as it used to, it may be due to a range of problems that require diagnosis and repair.
  • Aging Components: Considering Repair or Replacement: Generators have various components that can wear out over time, so if your generator is old, it may need repair or replacement of these components.

It's important to address these signs promptly to avoid further damage, costly repairs, or even generator failure. Regular maintenance and inspections by qualified technicians can help identify and resolve issues before they become major problems.

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Choosing the Right Generator

If you are thinking of installing a generator, you will likely wonder what you ought to account for when choosing a backup system. 

We have you covered with these five crucial considerations: 

  1. Power Requirements: Assessing what essential appliances, equipment, and systems need power during an outage will help you determine your generator capacity. Consulting with our generator specialists at Murphy’s Electric can ensure you make accurate calculations.
  2. Fuel Type: Generators can run on gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas. The generator’s cost-effectiveness will depend on its fuel price and availability. 
  3. Installation and Maintenance: Standby generators typically require professional installation and periodic maintenance. Portable generators may be more user-friendly but still require regular maintenance to prolong their lifespan. 
  4. Noise Level: Generators produce varying noise levels, so selecting a model with low noise emissions can maintain a peaceful environment. 
  5. Relevant Codes and Regulations: In The Woodlands, Magnolia, Spring, and the surrounding areas, local codes may dictate whether you can install and operate a generator. Our team isup to date on these codes and can help you avoid any compliance issues. 

Generator Issues? Call for a Same Day Appointment. 

If your generator has malfunctioned, do not hesitate to reach out to Murphy’s Electric. Our knowledgeable and experienced team can troubleshoot and address any problem—often on the very same day that you called. 

Do you want to get ahead of malfunctions and ensure your backup system is there in the moments it matters the most? Schedule routine maintenance with us! We can inspect your generator and locate any issues that could leave you without backup power. 

For generator services in The Woodlands, call (346) 550-8604 or reach out to Murphy’s Electric online.

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